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  1. B-Sale

    50k for the lot, do we have a deal
  2. Not Even 2 Days In

    stop getting so angry because your family can't afford university
  3. Ban Me

    if you want to get banned just porn bomb the forums
  4. Ban Me

    wow L que honestly mate just grow up can someone ban l que?
  5. this is probably his worst album yet, absolute trash and he's pandering to the r******d f*****s who like the sound of this s**t. f*****g tragedy is what this album is
  6. Welcome Back Jeff

  7. Marshall Mathers Lp 2

    holy s**t #GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT #CLUTCH holy s**t GOAT 25 years man!!!! #GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT #revolutionary #thefuture #GOAT GOAT GOAT TGOAT GOAT
  8. Not Even 2 Days In

    dont get molested by any priests bro, stay safe
  9. Anyone Miss Vultures?

    i know im meeting him in leeds square today
  10. Anyone Miss Vultures?

    probs (lucky me and him are best mates and have met irl 3 times)
  11. Us Soldier Jailed For 35 Years

    american soldiers deserve to die anyway
  12. Anyone Miss Vultures?

    seriously? 3njoi told me he was in a bus crash
  13. Anyone Miss Vultures?

    lol that guy was the best also honourable mention to i skype moms. good guy
  14. The Daily Show On Australian Election

    my first election and i really want to vote in the coalition but i cant bring myself to vote for abbot, probably just going to throw mine at palmer thought you as a state school bogan would vote labor