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  1. All Scandinavians

  2. Which Pker Inspired You?

    you were a k**t
  3. What The ****

    this time of year again..
  4. Whatever You Do...

    cool story bro and by bro i mean never my bro phucking phaggot
  5. Dota 2 Vs Lol

    i know this is the internet but i doubt you need to hear my articulation to interpret that as sarcasm
  6. Dota 2 Vs Lol

    brb arguing who can click mouse faster and more accurate than the other. losers
  7. Wtf Nilton

    girls that used the misc like any sensible woman would and milked it for attention and validation until all the phaggots got pussed that she wasnt responding to their copypasta. it went on for some time.
  8. Support? Or Hate

    ur name is purehybrids so im gonna flame u no matter what. fgt
  9. Whatever You Do...

    im gonna do just that, prove you wrong then flame you about it. and im gonna get laid in the process umad
  10. read what you said and stop picking my by the words. it is NOT totally arbitrary since it represents the effect to a degree where you can see a clear relation between the graph and documented effect. this is the reply that you should have taken in response to your dumb statement trying to pin down imperical standards to a social science. now go away and make a fuss elsewhere
  11. you dont, psychology isnt an imperical science. if none of you cant grasp your heads around that then there is not much more i can do to explain.