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  1. TriHard

    V Danger V'd
  2. I see manson lurking

    what i remember: he was horny as fuk but FA started talking to the school janitor's daughter, i dunno if she was in the same grade, she was also of ethnic background i think i recall a b*****g session at a friend's house where there was another couple and they took turns to bang in the bedroom or he banged and his friend watched lmao. i might be off on this part tho   dunno what happened later
  3. Well Arent You Glad You Didnt Invest In Bitcoins

    dodged a bullet LOL
  4. Tonight, I Lost My Virginity

    this reminds me of the Manson guy that was so obsessed on losing his v card that he was gonna put it on the daughter of his school's janitor
  5. passin By

    forum looks like s**t now (:H:)
  6. To All The Phat Hoarders

  7. Couple Achievements

    gj man keep it up!
  8. Fav "old" School Pkers?

    3 Hit U
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