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  1. Old school Mm, coming back.

    savage af
  2. yo

    LOL sup Dave
  3. yo

    goodnight sweet prince. you were my one and only </3    and sup guise
  4. yo

    does anyone still talk to itsonmydik42
  5. What's up

    wuddup kids we should have a tinychat or something for when im drunk and alone </3   edit: like now, get on it.
  6. What's up

    man this place is f*****g dead now wtf
  7. Life Sucks Sometimes

    you read my mind.
  8. To All Of Us Losers Who Still Play

    Is there a clan chat you guys hang out in or na
  9. Hey Guys Need Some Advice On What Stats To Get Next

    31 wouldn't be bad either though
  10. Hey Guys Need Some Advice On What Stats To Get Next

    not saying 13 shines particularly bright but it definitely would be better than 11 lol
  11. Hey Guys Need Some Advice On What Stats To Get Next

    13 prayer at least
  12. can someone give me an iron scim helm and strength ammy i can't use the ge :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ava golbin

      ava golbin

      wooooooo whats up

    3. jimmy


      ye, pm me on forums n ill log in

    4. Off My Turf
  13. Got Season 5 Leaks

    <3 udabes
  14. 100 Brock Lesnars Vs. 10 Gorillas

    100 vs 10 my money is on brock 10v10 different story