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  1. Looking for a ok vid from way back

    Might've been Heroes Fail? I can't find the video that I definitely remember seeing like a decade ago, though.
  2. My Winter Storm

    12 def xp start over
  3. tfw ur life has no meaning
  4. Hate This Skill

    Scrub. Shoulda done c2
  5. Portmaster

    Tiny Been waiting on last 2 clue voyages for ages now. Want max port score :(
  6. Life Sucks Sometimes

    It'll get better... probably :dunno:
  7. [Official] Gta V

    The game seems really well optimised; it's definitely not just a port of the console version. Been playing it at 1440p with almost everything on very high (shadows, grass and tessellation are on high) and it runs at ~70-90 FPS with the occasional dip to 50ish in certain areas, but that seems to happen regardless of my settings so it might just be something that needs to be fixed with a patch. Specs for those interested:
  8. Happy birthday.

  9. General Awwdor

    Better to have people posting topics that no one understands than no topics being posted at all.
  10. General Awwdor

    3: QBD, Shrimpy and Awwdor.
  11. General Awwdor

    It's corrupt; it's keepsaked so it'll never degrade.
  12. Since Everyone Else Is Doing It....

    Stupid RNG :hang:
  13. Lvl 1 Fishing

    Grats on best pet in the game :)