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  1. rune scape clan chat

    The only time we use a cc is on dmm.. Just come idle on ts with us if you're bored, we're always on there. tldr.me
  2. 10 years later I still have the magic touch

  3. ffaaffaa

    I looted it????????
  4. ffaaffaa

  5. Discord?

  6. Ok

    OR you could be an obsidian pure tanker ranger like our dear friend furious here.
  7. Ok

    Become a 25 def 70 pray fremennik shield infinity golden helmet piety pure without piety Legit one of the sickest accounts you'll ever create.
  8. Eop donated us another SOTD today.
  9. rekims

    This would legit feed you for a week, you disgusting ape.
  10. rekims

    void is disgusting and kanker das y i luv it
  11. rekims