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  1. DdsPk rs2011 PKIng | HD | Perfect Combat

    I'll join if you pay me 10m OSRS gp.
  2. @Henry @Mr Migues @Todd
  3. Happy 420 Boys

  4. defgh

  5. defgh

    wow meng u guis r str8 fire flamers
  6. Which pure clan are u in?

  7. defgh

  8. I see manson lurking

    don't talk to me like that you worthless sack of horse s**t
  9. I see manson lurking

    May Hebe be with you.
  10. For our lord and our god

    uncultured god bless
  11. For our lord and our god

    In respect of Hebe. Can't have people pming me during the moment.
  12. wtf is this :DD

    @Parm is struggling with this refugee centre. 
  13. wtf is this :DD

    Yeah I had Pixel begging for the unban, went on ts and saw the ban list. rip a ton of n*****s