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  1. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    nvr forget amigoz chaotic u k9d him for in red portal LMAO
  2. don't avoid

    1. Piers



  3. This is why I still play lmaooo

    i'm not meme bTw m9
  4. Still Trying

    Same excuse as last year though. Stole our idea, used it for every other clan that won but us.

    Remember when you told me that you never smited anything. edit: i guess he just forgot to prot item seeing as you weren't smiting, that or the r****d just let his pray drop.
  6. Congrats Boys

    buncha randos
  7. Congrats Boys

    We won an award on a budget Pure Warfare site.
  8. I've been saying it for months, years even, the kids f*****g useless.
  9. Free Pims and Fear My K0

    you still have a santa hat on your avatar, it's a week after christmas.  
  10. Free Pims and Fear My K0

    fuk pims!
  11. Anieli

    are you okay
  12. hey

  13. gif request

    i was tryna find this for some time, pls someone deliver
  14. Waddup.

    i like how you logged into multiple accounts trying to make out that you have friends i gotcha
  15. we back

    can't imagine you being able to afford it, especially the wage you get from jax's burger bar.