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  1. Waddup.

    i like how you logged into multiple accounts trying to make out that you have friends i gotcha
  2. we back

    can't imagine you being able to afford it, especially the wage you get from jax's burger bar.
  3. we back

    thx @ethoxyethaan u da bes
  4. slabby k0ed in c engineer vid

    I mean that's just an average day of being terrible honestly.
  5. join fo

    1. Danny


      if they pay me 100m a week i'll make their clan relevant again

  6. search and rescue

    well deserved
  7. probably still trying to clear that guy that crashed him at bandits  
  8. Speshls Own is a scammer

  9. Thank you based etcho

    good guy etcho
  10. nice figure,I'm coming~

    post pics so i can still body shame
  11. I didn't know it was you, I also didn't know you associated yourself with isis
  12. cc

    the only cc i know of is "pink clan" and that's for elmo/kyles team