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  1. Sup Fam

  2. abc

      @Furious @Asian Kid @Henry @Parm @Todd @zalem5
  3. Public In-Game Chat?

    The majority of us that still play idle in "MM" fc and we're always on ts.
  4. 33-30-39 or something idk

    was super ownage
  5. 33-30-39 or something idk

    forums are ded, gotta keep them "active" somehow, right?
  6. xd

    If you were anything other than an "evasive loser" you wouldn't be browsing these boards anymore, let alone posting. From what I understand rumour has it you're the self-conscious guy, so I forgive you.
  7. xd

  8. Yo.

    This is probably a long shot but a bunch of us still play OSRS, we have a solid unit of about 15-20 and was wondering if you get some free time would you consider making us a private script to train at Ankous like you used to have? I'm sure we'd all pitch in for your time making it of course.

    It'd be nice to have a private script with a low ban rate. Hope you're doing well.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Danny


      Apparently tinfoil todd has tried doing that but to no avail @Mantas


    3. Donvito


      let me access this script you f****n mashed potato idiot

    4. Danny


      get it working @Donvito and you can use it, okay?

  9. hello

    @Parm Now is the time to put those powers to good use.
  10. hello

    f**k off.
  11. Throwback Thursday

    Remember the days when you would always have 80+ posts a day.
  12. Truth be Told

    Change your password!