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  1. Ok

    join the 75 att 55 pray master race
  2. I need you

  3. Rip celtic

  4. Any old school MM still play?

    you need to start a new one for oldschool
  5. defgh

    nice account and nice player kill
  6. Which pure clan are u in?

    dw akahana just apped but got declined lel
  7. Which pure clan are u in?

    unbreakable!!!!!!!!!!1111111 ub-rs.com has the most ex-mm    
  8. wtf is this :DD

      i've been there a month now, got like 7-8 other ex-mm too  
  9. wtf is this :DD

    It's 1-5 def with a max of 88cb, which is maxed 75 att 52 pray There's like 7 clans currently each capable of pulling between 40-60 roughly speaking. With more clans moving down it'll be even more active   its ezpz to just afk sandcrabs (put a 10 minute timer on) or nmz all day for the exp and u can autoclick the magic so training up isn't a problem and pay some guy like 10m to quest and you're set   also ub-rs com has the most ex-mm, so come join if you're interested  
  10. I did it bois

  11. might want to read this fam https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/06TALLINN578_a.html
  12. White Europeans, and whites generally aren't making enough babies to sustain their populations and thus their cultures, but no politician wants to admit that, because that would be something only an evil crazy racist n**i would do. So instead of fixing the issue at hand the folks in charge find it more convenient to import people from the third world for cheap labor/good feels/gambling-on-the-off-chance-they'll-take-care-of-us-when-we're-old. Resulting in a great demographic shift and whatever such a demographic shift would entail for the peoples of Europe within our lifetime. Also, you should probably follow the news, it's too late to change things through a vote when the problem is at your doorstep.   bit conspiratorial but whatevr      
  13. Jax is famous now

  14. Petition to remove Parms admin

      is your life anything like this