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  1. Party Hat RS3

      i don't play rs3 so i have no idea what is considered rich or not i think there is a duel arena still but i have no idea how the stakes are done or if people even use it
  2. Party Hat RS3

    i think rs3gp is around 0.20 usd/m both of your partyhats are at the 2.1b max price (highest amount you can sell/buy an item for in grand exchange), so they're probably worth more in street price i have no idea how much that is, google/ask around but rough estimate 4200m*0.20 is 840 usd, probably more edit: found this for prices http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?17,18,371,65863899,goto,118   kinda jealous now honestly
  3. Lel

  4. 'murica

    kinda wish i was a burger nowadays
  5. Found Henry on RS

    how is max cape at a lower tier than music cape
  6. The Second Coming

    b3eplycwudgj for sale, 10m
  7. i kinda have a crush on furious tbh
  8. I have a confession

  9. Which one of you f**kbags is on roat pkz

    wtf is that s**t
  10. Gmaul

  11. Look what I grew

  12. Alex aka god

  13. Hi again

    clans been closed for 3 years