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  1. P enis

  2. GoT series finale

    bit late but https://movieninja.io/ ^ is what i use for most
  3. MM UK irl meetup 2019

    which one is which
  4. need m8s

    as far as i know, one of our ranks was in some rival main clan and they didn't like it. + they didn't do the dmm while all their competition did and they got bored for a few weeks. Might be more to it, but i don't know it all. last week we split in two and worked around it pretty successfully though  
  5. need m8s

    you don't have to commit loads of time. I've been in foe for like 10 months and only been to like 1 prep since i prioritize sleep, and i've had no complaints from leadership. i do some weekend trips but if you can't make it, it's np. I like ending my weekends with a comfy sunday trip so they're the main reason i do it nowadays.  there's still a group that do midweek trips and there's like 2 preps a week, so how much time you put into it is mostly up to u.   on a slightly related note: i think there's like 2+ clans opening up recently and foe isn't as dominant as we've been the last 6 months, so trips going forward through spring/summer should be interesting. i think there's somewhere between 6 -9 clans around nowadays pulling between 50-80, most around 60. should also mention that rot has been camping foe on zerks/tanks/meds the last month or so, so if you're planning on joining expect the trips to be boring until we get that sorted lol. Last trip we split the clan in two, with one part being 100% leak free and that worked well.
  6. need m8s

    +k2p and + etho's brother applied recently, and jp left last week. to be fair i have no idea if there's any exmm group in some other clan but it's seems a reasonable guess that foe has most exmm
  7. need m8s

    foe has the most exmm btw
  8. Halloween Dubstep Mix 2018

    don't quit your day job
  9. Is OSRS as dead as this forum?

    it peaked at about 85k or so people playing a few weeks back. eop fought foe at their 13th anniversary with a 150v150 both saturday and sunday 2 weeks ago, so pure clanning is still alive   mm and this forum is dead though http://www.misplaceditems.com/rs_tools/graph/ ^ graph of active players
  10. Fantasy Football: GOAT LEAGUE 2018

    burgerball is fabulous as f**k, so i'll just grab +1
  11. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    never watched one of ur fabulous animis before, but if i were to start with one, which one should i go with? asking for a friend ofcourse
  12. Is MM Still a Thing?

    no one's stopping u pal
  13. Is MM Still a Thing?

    we kicked butt while it lasted, but cool kids join foe nowadays

    98 range hahahehe