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  1. F2p prod is finally ready

    wtf is a G2H   Also Hi Manson <3
  2. Albion Online

    mmm sxc       I aint scared of no snake
  3. Albion Online

    Ask my mom then you f**k
  4. Albion Online

    I didn't name that account, it was Eric. We were besties in the AA feeder clan and shared that acc. I did have "Abused By U" and "Die Godless" though, both equally edgy. I wonder what that dude's up to, haven't talked or even really thought about him in ages.   There's nothing Furious can say that would impact my day in any way, because at least I've felt boobs irl.
  5. Albion Online

    One of the last times that a topic on MM will derail off topic into drama and flaming ;_;
  6. Albion Online

    I stand by that, I wanted to get drunk and stake some mils.
  7. Download and run this, should install 2 AV utilities.   https://ninite.com/malwarebytes-super/ninite.exe   Let both update their databases, then do a full scan with both. Quote or PM me if you have any questions or if you still have problems after scanning.
  8. where da OGs @???

  9. where da OGs @???

    Lots of people are gonezos but a few old farts still hang around.   Also, completely random left field, but I wonder what ever happened to X Apokalypse? Haven't heard that guy's name in a super long time, I remember he was BFF's with Faken for awhile. They were both liberal with the banhammer.
  10. I don't understand. Jagex is blocking you from logging into a world? That's new lmao.   OpenVPN perhaps.
  11. Albion Online

    Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be as autistic and socially inept as Furious but my mind simply fails to comprehend.   #IStandWithPancakes
  12. Free my boi Maklapro

  13. Mahatma wasn't really "active" for quite awhile. He was floating around briefly with RS07 but wasn't really putting in significant time then or for awhile before that either.   You're right about Volcanic though, I forgot the name of the guy he opened MM with back in early RS2 days.
  14. I wonder when the last time is that Mahatma actually looked at the forums and saw that people are still throwing his name around 10 years after he was last really active, and now over 15(?) since he opened the clan with Volcanic.   Man... the days...