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  1. Every Time The Forums Go Offline

    Hmm.... We have/had a lot of Aussies at one point.
  2. Look what I grew

    Very nice, congrats. I'm going to try a spacebucket setup at some point. Where are you getting your seeds from? Just a dispensary? 
  3. I decided to max

    I have no idea how this game works anymore. I don't understand half of what's on the screen now.
  4. There was a topic in the MM Member section early in 2014 about one of the early wars we were having with FOE, it was already popular at that point to train at Ankous/Chinning so people were starting to hit higher levels. Parm was already 8 def then. In the topic, we were discussing strategy and one of the very first responses was a shitty MS Paint picture someone did of a bunch of white dots on one side, pink on the other, and just one pink dot in the center running through with an arrow pointing to it saying "Parm, tank".   I loved how seriously we took our planning.
  5. Every Time The Forums Go Offline

    He really was the best of us. We didn't deserve his love :(
  6. Every Time The Forums Go Offline

    Did you save my sig?   I know I did. Mmmmm....
  7. I worry it may be for the last time ;_;
  8. game of thrones season 7

    Haven't watched since the end of S4, haven't really felt much desire to catch up or watch it again.
  9. Aloha Akbar

    ومن ربنا وإرادة الله المهاتما أن ندمر الكفار قبعة بيضاء.    

    Nice law rune u fkin pussy.
  11. .

    Reported for spam.   Reported for hurt feelings.   Reported for probably causing 9/11.
  12. Makers of Gaymen

    Fuuuuck been awhile since I've seen this lol. Someone drew dicks everywhere and changed the I's in Mahatma to penises.
  13. Best Mm Memory?

    I wasn't around for that, but I remember watching this video when I came back with OSRS and just being amazed. 4 f*****g huge clans couldn't take down MM holding off deep wildy gate.   We really were the best brahs.