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  1. close this

    404 on image. Also we're re-opening soon.
  2. Strength Wars

    o ur 1nna those fags     jk <3
  3. Strength Wars

    Disregard cringe worthy announcer and personas. Skip to about 5 min for when they start the actual challenge if you want to skip all that s**t. f*****g terrifying how strong these guys are. Absolutely insane. Faceless OP as hell, pls nerf.      
  4. Ah f**k I missed when the forums used to look like that.
  5. Yep, that's the one lol. Danger was the fkn best. Thanks Pixel :)
  6. Some kid posted a tl;dr topic in which he misspelled suicide/suaside at least like 4 times but was otherwise sounding somewhat serious, and Danger got the first response and just said something stupid or moved the topic or some s**t. Let me know if you can find it. Otherwise, post some MM topic highlights and gold moments.
  7. Ok

    Lemee F2p pk dat s**t
  8. Depressing

    I can't even remember how many registered members we usually had online at one time at our peak (I want to say ~300?). I know someone on here used to have a screenshot of it as their signature.
  9. Blackman at ladies night

    Mostly p*****s.
  10. Wild West Online

    Screenshots actually look kinda interesting but that doesn't really say much until we see some gameplay.   I'd actually be pretty down to d**k around with some low-investment MMORPG. Been awhile since I've played one, they're nice to relax with sometime I just don't have the time or desire to sit and grind for hours a day just to be successful or access interesting s**t in the game.
  11. Blackman at ladies night

    Would you prefer if this was who was blowing you?     Dnt lie be srs.
  12. Blackman at ladies night

    If you're an army boy you have no excuses not to be getting mad slams.   Why are you afraid of failure? Have confidence even in the face of uncertainty, your aim should always be to be one step below blatantly cocky.
  13. Blackman at ladies night

    You've got some confidence issues boi.
  14. Female Problems, Need Assistance

    Just as god intended. Although based on what you said I don't think it would have worked out well regardless.