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  1. whats up boys?

    1. Guy


      helo my pal

  2. Went Skydiving This Summer

    Only sometimes. Love you Jive.
  3. Went Skydiving This Summer

    Was fun as hell. Would recommend doing it to anyone. Hopefully one day will get my license and be able to jump alone.
  4. New Car

    Hit 140 in it last night. Smoothest ride of my life and I love it. I got it for a deal. Sticker price was 24,500 got it for 19,421. I put 10 grand down and got finaced at 2.09% so I could start building credit and so I wouldnt have to compelety empty my savings. They threw in the molded rubber matts as well. Was brand new only had 32 miles on it. Will post pictures when I get home from work tonight.
  5. New Car

    E xactlly. I love the GT but I have no practical use for it. When would I ever need to have the v8 other then to show off. Yes I still bought a sports car but its no problem with everyday driving and gets ok gas mileage. Dont care what people sayn
  6. New Car

    I dont have 40 grand sitting around to buy the GT. Iv wanted a mustang since I was a little kid and I have been saving my money forever and just decided it was time for a new car. Still 305 horses. I also wanted a Manual but just got the automatic for the same price and came with the tech package.
  7. New Car

    Finally after all my saving I purchased my First Brand New Car. I pick it up tomorrow at 6PM. Will have more pictures tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.
  8. New Build Possiably

    Theres one in Mass which is around an hour and a half away from me. Never knew about this place. Might have to look into it.
  9. New Build Possiably

    Give me some input on what im thinking of building. If everything goes to plan will be ordering all parts by Wednesday.
  10. Anyone looking to party up and play some games?
  11. Would You Play Again?

  12. How Has The Steam Sale Drained You So Far?

    Assassins Creed 4, Snow, Papers Please, and Company of Heroes 2 so far. Really wanted AC4 so was really happy when it went on sale. Haven't spent much this time around though. I usually spend at least $100 every sale.
  13. Steam Games

  14. New Champ

  15. Post Your Trees

    In Murica thats how we write our dates. I love you Aerdo.