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  1. what clan are you in atm? 
  2. A little achievement

    lol r u srs, the nub wearing the glory is me;o
  3. @Danny whats ur rsn bro?

    1. Dom


      He has two, one is called Mashed Potato and the other, 4head.

    2. Danny



      I'll need to add you in game because my private is always on friends.

  4. ffs :/

  5. ffs :/

    full hp now, pmed u btw :)
  6. ffs :/

      lagged couple times, f****d now:/   possible if i wait till full hp?
  7. fcape

    i cry everytiem
  8. fcape

    some1 doing fire capes? internet is shitty atm so got dced couple times so i will pay some1 to do it for me, pm me for prices. 44 pray 80 rang 80 hp
  9. bots atm?

    so i wanna bot up a pure acc so i can just pk to kill some time @07, cbf training up again haha, so are there any like stable bots atm?
  10. Games Etc

    hey guys, just wondering.. what games are you guys into atm? or are you guys just all getting huge mfers rl
  11. Bot

    lol ur f*****g r******d
  12. Bot

    ill do ur mom
  13. Bot

    any1 has a vip tribot acc? cant pay with paypal over there, willing to pay some of the costs to you.
  14. For When It Comes Out ^^

    try harder
  15. Ffs :,(

    watching my (old) vids, brings back dem memories:( :cry: :/