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  1. Last Active Dec 31 2013 02:55 AM :(

  2. [Official] Dayz Standalone

  3. [Official] Dayz Standalone

    We should play together again, like back in the dayz. <3 I should get it this weekend when I'm home!
  4. Need A Good Free Antivirus Software

    avast > avg
  5. Cyber Monday

  6. Lith U Aint The Only Lucky 1 M8

  7. Avatar Size

    there's a few picture editors out there that allow you to compress the size of any pic to 50kb like GIMP
  8. Almost Done

    my champ.... bit shocked to see no 13 pray tho :x
  9. The Kings Of The Pure World

  10. Pre-Eoc Vs Osrs

  11. Dayz Standalone

    Tought this was pretty funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SozJotMJZKU
  12. Phonebloks

    yeah I totally agree! Its just a shame you showed me this, now that it is no longer possible to vote for it on its website. :/