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  1. how we all doing

    o wow i remember you hi
  2. Depressing

    sad :( also wtf happened to you aint seen you online scrub
  3. Damn it's been a while

    hahaha pink hat f****t
  4. Go to clubs/bars alone?

    wouldn't personally - i find it weird enough eating by myself when i'm away with work.
  5. Any old school MM still play?

  6. I see manson lurking

    nope there's a real story
  7. defgh

    gz on $10 get a job mate
  8. I see manson lurking

    give us the real story ffs
  9. I see manson lurking

    can you tell us the story of trying to lose your virginity again please bro
  10. Please buy me a rope

    I wish we could play dmm like 8 years ago :(
  11. Which pure clan are u in?

    I'm a mayhem maker
  12. I did it bois

    i thought you'd have sounded like my local takeaway
  13. which mofo's playing dmm tonight?

    1. -Riley-


      i am. not sure what cc though, nobodys in "mm" and not on ts.

    2. Felix


      we;re on ts

    3. FOCUSED


      mission completed

  14. Guess who

    you still are autistic you spastic fuck and you scammed me