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  1. I Barranged I?

  2. Congrats Boys

    lol leader

  4. Looking for a ok vid from way back

    this im sure it was this
  5. PKING LIKE IT'S 2006 #2 (THE 2ND)

    well that was w**k
  6. I'd love to do this still but I can't stand the nerds with their 1 tick ags msb running around nerdness
  7. Free Pims and Fear My K0

    f*****g benz i'd love to know if he's alive or died in some darwin event
  8. mods r useless

    1. Piers


      im the only one who still comes on here m8

  9. idk whats going on anymore

    i thought you said she was pregnant wtf
  10. can a mod delete all the spam pls

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jamez


      inb4 they delete your rank

    3. Piers



    4. Guy


      Parm so f*****g useless

  11. My bad

    i thought you wanted to get her pregnant?
  12. Anieli

    yeh he ok