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  1. m

    I started a topic with too much personal info and deleted it
  2. m

  3. This is why I still play lmaooo

    Hey guys,   What's the discord? 
  4. Jesus Dark what you just said was absolutely tragic mate.  Go out by yourself mate. The experience you get from going out yourself is second to none. Still use Tinder to get your d**k wet imo. Tbh you have absolutely nothing to lose, you're in a new city so absolutely no c**t knows you. Also work/college is a good way to meet sound cunts.  All the best bro!  
  5. Found 6-pack ryan in twitch chat lmao

    I remember him
  6. Always liked you Anieli. Smart man.    
  7. This place is still somewhat alive eh?

    alreet mate hope all is well with the fam n that
  8. Would You Eat Shit For 50M

    dont even play anymore but 50m is 50m dawg
  9. Guy any chance in using that account for a bit of F2P pking bud? will pay for gear obv

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Guy


      adapt or die. make a 1 deffer we snipe pure trips.

    3. Estonian


      i have combat 66 or smt like, train it for me and and i join ur team

    4. Guy


      hahaha kys

  10. Happy birthday me

    Cheers lads! Hope all is well. Will drop on TS to catch up later. 
  11. Happy birthday me

    I want a topic made by some og like henry or we riot
  12. Alex aka god

     Let it go tbh and unban. I miss that r****d man.
  13. Look what I grew

    send me a free sample? edit: seen u were in the states fml
  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    going to see dvs1 and listen to some b*****g techno my friend wbu
  15. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Of course Danny, hows things mate?