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  1. gross gore got banned from twitch?

     can't stand that dude for some reason, sucks for him tho
  2. Iron Hyger

    damn that's impressive

    He'll be rich again in a few days, that clan has billions between them all
  4. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    what was your build?
  5. eat d**k usa

  6. Henry

    top notch
  7. DMM?

    tried it, not fun unless you're already a high level, RIP my 8 dollars for membership
  8. 10 years later

    yeah they f****d up
  9. 1 More to go.

  10. Shake that p***s boy

  11. Don't trust 'Couves' or 'Og Haze'

    he scammed him by killing him...read what he posted
  12. lmfao, to be fair english probably isn't her first lang
  13. DMM General

    I am :(