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  1. Tlp Deathwatch Topic

    You guys have those eop booters taking runescape real serious lol
  2. Does Anyone Here Live In London?

    Yeah I'm in London for U.S. military. Hit me up bro And know lots of areas travel tons
  3. Mandatory Military Service

    I'm U.S. Air Force
  4. La, Vegas Or San Francisco

    I live in la. In Downey. My grandma lives like 10 minutes from Disneyland. She's in Anaheim hills
  5. Moved To England

    It's to easy
  6. Moved To England

    So my orders were to England im U.S. Air Force and living in cambridge. Hit me up lets go get a beer i got car and s**t now
  7. Whats Yo Purpose

    Kill Isis
  8. F2P King

    >59 hp
  9. Zerg Unit Lvl 65+ Pure Clan

  10. I Dont Get New Rs Site

    go to the actual game client page. then click forgot password under login
  11. The Only Weeaboos I Respect

    wtf u psycho c**t?
  12. The Only Indians I Respect

  13. Class Of 2014