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  1. too good

    Yeah add ‘Lm Levi’ 
  2. Might be medically discharged from the military

    I’m usaf and it’s a good thing bro Only 10 months left on my contract
  3. Going to Amsterdam

    Looks like they covered everything about man. But if you come through to London hit me up bro i party hard out there. (American stationed in England so easy af to pull)
  4. idk whats going on anymore

    Bro i f*****g feel you. I get my heart broken so f*****g much. 
  5. Every Time The Forums Go Offline

    Etcho we appreciate you
  6. game of thrones season 7

    Never seen an episode and have no urge to. 
  7. Aloha Akbar

    We've got ground troops moving in on his location now sir!
  8. waddap from tha taj

    Looks beautiful man hope your having a good trip!
  9. How can she slap

  10. Oldscool player rejoining

    Hey man add "miniprep" and "earl wolf" my two accounts. I still play frequently. 

    Hmm I think I already have an account for the occasion. 
  12. Makers of Gaymen

    good luck man
  13. Just dropping by

    What's your guys ts I'll come pk with you just on regular days. I'm not about all the clan drama lol it's a game and I just enjoy playing with good people these days. 
  14. Hey

    Hello man
  15. Just dropping by

    Who all is in UB? I'm fatality. 
  16. Best Mm Memory?

    I was mm back in like 2008 and then again with osrs. Always loved the community here and how well everyone knew what they were doing. Truly topnotch pures. 
  17. Do you still play bro? Remember you were the one to teach me how to properly put clan so long ago!

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    2. Prep Unit

      Prep Unit

      Thanks guys he's the only reason I was able to become mm. Was just a poor edgeville pure with no path prior haha 

    3. Felix


      suck his d**k more

    4. Prep Unit

      Prep Unit

      Felix im not afraid to tickle a grown man. i will find u


  18. rune scape clan chat

    Add 'Miniprep'
  19. Hello virgs

    What up bro l
  20. how we all doing

    Add me "miniprep" it's my newest pure and should be maxed 50atk 15 pray in a couple weeks. 
  21. Tlp Deathwatch Topic

    You guys have those eop booters taking runescape real serious lol
  22. Does Anyone Here Live In London?

    Yeah I'm in London for U.S. military. Hit me up bro And know lots of areas travel tons
  23. Mandatory Military Service

    I'm U.S. Air Force
  24. La, Vegas Or San Francisco

    I live in la. In Downey. My grandma lives like 10 minutes from Disneyland. She's in Anaheim hills