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  1. Whats up dude!! yeah man I've been lurking around every few years just to see if i could reach yankin but no luck haha .. but damn dude how long has it been since we played? HOLY SH*T! Hope your doing good my man

    1. Riggz


      yankin was around in the 2011 pvp worlds era. 

  2. What up bro! Didn't know you still lurked man it's been a very long time. Hope you're doing well.

    1. 3njoi


      i rememb when I locked hattricks in the middle firegiants room and he lost robin and rangers tehehe

    2. hattricks3


      what was your rsn?

  3. Yankin Deez

    5 years later! LOL
  4. Yankin Deez

    I heard yankin has been on the forums, not sure if it was true or not since i havent talking to him in years but yankin if you see this hit me up its me hatt :P