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  1. What up bro! Didn't know you still lurked man it's been a very long time. Hope you're doing well.

    1. 3njoi


      i rememb when I locked hattricks in the middle firegiants room and he lost robin and rangers tehehe

  2. Yankin Deez

    5 years later! LOL
  3. Yankin Deez

    could be :P
  4. Yankin Deez

    yeah i seen all of that, and its not me who has his account, i have no idea. But thanks guys i found his name on here sent him a message.
  5. Yankin Deez

  6. yes yankin's friend

  7. Yankin Deez

    Knew that was coming. Has Yankin been on the forums lately or at all? Im not on here to convince anyone of who i am.
  8. remember me?

  9. Yankin Deez

    dude i didnt come on here for a spelling B
  10. Yankin Deez

    I heard yankin has been on the forums, not sure if it was true or not since i havent talking to him in years but yankin if you see this hit me up its me hatt :P