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  1. Albion Online

    good content
  2. need m8s

      https://discord.gg/5P2BDa  ts-fearless.ts3chat.com
  3. EOP Closes its doors

    join up www.fs-rs.com
  4. Ready player one by steven spielberg

    watched it last night was a bit cheesy some parts but overall a good movie
  5. EOP Closes its doors

    p sure if any other clan was able to consistently pull 70plus and have 50 mains as well they would be #1 lol
  6. Hi

  7. ----

    --- --- ---
  8. Hello, Respek

    bro we ded

  10. Congrats Boys

  11. not that I stream but if I did

  12. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

  13. Post your Pink Gains

    cant help but wonder y u r training at demons without slayer task
  14. Waddup.