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  1. F2p prod is finally ready

    fuk his g2h

    if youre a member on that account which i don't doubt you should stack up on burning amulets ( easy to return to ca/bandit camps if we have fights there) and game necks for corp fight returns
  3. waddap from tha taj


    if any1 cba training but wants to fuk with this put a bond on a acc with like 1m for gear and pay me 13m and ill get ya double 70s in like 3-5 days

    lit add 'shife' or relies
  6. Just dropping by

    fi hasnt pulled 80 in idk how longl0l also eop still sucks lollll foe looks to be the strongest clan
  7. noob

    1. iowna slave

      iowna slave

      pretty rude tbh

    2. Prep Unit

      Prep Unit

      Definitely rude

  8. F2p Multi pking

    w 308 f2p pkin ded. its all about tanks
  9. wtf is this :DD

    nah its a LPC. xlpc nowadays is like 70- l0l
  10. Didn't get my first pick, but I like it sonnies

    sellin the rsn 'haram'
  11. wtf is this :DD

    ye pure clanning in osrs is aids join fs tho
  12. Nignogs who still play lol

    lpc clans kinda fun #fearless
  13. Jcoins

    b u m p