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  1. Is OSRS as dead as this forum?

    I have been on a few trips in recent weeks with FOE, they smashing EOP ect. Average Pulls are as follows EOP - 60+ FOE - 80+ IR - 70+ APEX - 45+ so clanning isnt dead, and OSRS is pretty active as a hole due to constant updates.. it just p***** me off how they destroyed everyones accounts with EOC  
  2. Is Here Any Qualified Master Hackers

    malwarebytes is alright i suppose pal, but yeah ask etho im sure he can point you in the right direction ect :)
  3. Okay Headset Around The £30 Mark

    dont cheap out on headsets if your gonna game, if its just for rs then anything is fine, if you just wanna talk and listen in ts. my astros can be used on anything (xbox/pc/ps3) thats why i paid £200
  4. Headset

    my old teamseak/rs setup was dre studios for sound, and used a random cheap mic, but now i have a40 2013 astros, so that does everything ;/ would suggest maybe some TB for your budget, not the best but they are average and can work on xbox/ps as well
  5. Music Home Setup

    nice macky, first mixer ect i had was for vinyl, was awesome piece of kit, with current controller, i can use 2x other inputs i,e 2 vinyls if i wanted, works well, not tried it personally in my setup yet though
  6. Music Home Setup

    http://tldr.me/aah14e.jpg Picture of latest setup^ Since I got rid of my Native Instruments S2, Been feeling like i wanted to get some more Decks/Controllers, so finally I did it, not too expensive, 550-650 For Controller/Speaker Setup, Not including Beats/Laptop in cost. Laptop Specs - HP i7 Intel Processor 8GB RAM 2GB Dedicated Nvidia GEFORCE GFX. 1TB Hard Drive Touch Screen With Multi-Touch Gesture Pad. Dj Controller Numark N4 Headphones Dre Studio Beats (White Edition) Speakers(Monitors) 2x M-AUDIO BX5 FEEL FREE TO POST YOURS
  7. Some Necklazes

    more than "some" grats
  8. Laptops Broked

    mine did that.. i got that pissed off with it.. i bought a desktop pc.. and now its next to me and hardly use it :P just got myself a HP laptop.. 2 gb dedicated nvidia ram. 8gb ram, 1 tb harddrive, intel i7 processor. its touchscreen. works great for anything gaming/gfx related due to nvidia geforce gfx
  9. Hows It Going?

    yeah! haha.. i always died there because i got bored and watched vids forgot about pray :P Hi batman
  10. Hows It Going?

    ye i do watch a few vids.. and i noticed there organisation is gone to sht.. obv MM #1.. and has edge pking ever been good? well not for atleast a year or so.. i used to like wolper+poly+claws pking though :P
  11. 91

    nice man congrats
  12. Hows It Going?

    Hello MM & Guests.. Just wondering how its been going since i havnt been on much since i left Rs07. What clans are still alive? and im still subbed to MMTube to i seen the fights against FI ect looked fun. ~ Ryan #1 Elite
  13. Ariana Grande Or Kate Upton

    Upton... her 2 biggest assets in life are in the pics.
  14. Highroller Problems

    why would you have that.. just change them next time :L