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  1. Who still plays?

    ya   rsn: muffin maker
  2. Hi

  3. EOP Closes its doors

  4. Post your Pink Gains

    am I 2 late have you died already
  5. Waddup.

  6. [Official] Hearthstone Thread

    just make a free zoo warlock or hunter deck = rank 3 easy i cant get past 3 though but zoo decks are really fast and have a 66% win rate or so
  7. Titanfall Beta

    selling beta code o
  8. [Official] Hearthstone Thread

    sta#2860 fite
  9. Ghostcrawler Leaving Blizzard

    He was a good guy, good addition to riot games too
  10. What Have I Missed

    fuk u
  11. What Have I Missed

    not played in forever whats a tldr of runescape is it worth coming back aka playing 2 days a week for events and all that
  12. Overflow

    how does that s**t help u in future life
  13. Nv5's Professional Gfx

    You are nothing else then a Scammer and you owe me 100M from a pokerstars stake ! Have a nice day, cancer.
  14. Blind Or Deaf

    Would rather be deaf for the fact you can learn to communicate (Inb4 braille) + I'd like to be able to see where I'm going and what I am fucking
  15. Intro

    hi welcome n stuff