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  1. hi nory

  2. Okay, well basically what happened was... My stupid 12 y/o lil bro, was bullying my cat. MY CATS NAME IS PANDA AND HES WHITE AND CUTE! What he did was Put him in a plastic bag then threw him around and stuff, and he even threw him down the stairs (I got told this later by my older brother). My cat kinda freaked out, so then it was running and bashed his head on the living room's door like 3 times, thinking it can get out. It ran up the stairs, and bashed it's head onto my brothe...

    1. Ed


      rs bedroom door many times and then it hit itself on the wall. Then he hid under the bed for many hours, and everytime I got near him he kept growling at me and I was telling him I didn't do anything even though he couldn't understand me of course. But it was like... so evil, I think theres something wrong with my lil brother. He find it fun and joyful to hurt my kitty, and I think he is possessed by the devil, he is really cruel sad.gif

      My cat lost his memory or something...

    2. Ed


      and it makes me sad because I've had loads of fun with that cat sad.gif My little brother is such a nerd, and I even cried a wee bit.

      I hope my cat goes back to normal because I love it and it's really innocent and it hasn't done anything. It aint fair. =[

    3. Piers



  3. Miss you dear, I still remember your crazy laugh.

  4. This is what I always use, it works perfectly tbh. Try these instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0vRU5oSaOc
  5. creep'd :D

    1. Alex AKA God

      Alex AKA God

      at least youre a qt

  6. wb nory

  7. Waaaaay. Fox :)

  8. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    Just starting LoL, Tristana ftw :hat:
  9. No waaaaaay.

  10. Time fliesss

    1. Alex AKA God

      Alex AKA God

      i see u viewin'

      and hatin'

      patrolin' and tryna catch me postin' dirty