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  1. Forums have risen once more

    God bless
  2. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    MY life goal is to be my true self
  3. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    I'd s**t myself if we got past 3 pages
  4. Merry whatever u celebrate

    So when I joined 84 months ago, I told the Mayhem Makers that we are going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry Christmas again. Merry Christmas. So, merry Christmas everyone. Happy New Year, but Merry Christmas. And I am here today for one main reason: to say thank you to the Mayhem Makers.
  5. hey

    Playing RuneScape
  6. Waddup.

    Image quality is so bad that I can't even see what you're trying to brag about
  7. Pink Clan info

    What's the def requirment? Addy daddy btw
  8. Tuesday Dec 12 2017 Recap

    The trip was ok. I have a three complaints, 1. The lack of Christmas music- even going as far as skipping Christmas music I selected in the play list 2. I was a little disappointed in the lack of santa hats from some members when returning. 3. It was decided that we were going to us fire spells, but someone still had the audacity to use water spells. Overall, I think these problems are fixable and I'm really excited for the opportunity to show improvement at next year's Very Early Christmas Eve Weekday PK trip.
  9. Pink Clan info

    More towards the 60 cmbt range :)
  10. When will 4bus get 60cb?

    B4 me
  11. First

    Time to increase my Epenor  

  13. How can she slap

    Now in my 30s, its interesting to watch very attractive younger 20s aged women. You can tell they know they have the world in the palm of their hand. All she has to do is go into certain establishments for a drink and she could be staying the night in a yacht or mansion that evening.
  14. F2p Multi pking

    You should have started the interview process at the beginning of your senior year. Disappointed I am.
  15. Fight me irl fgt