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  1. F2p Multi pking

    You should have started the interview process at the beginning of your senior year. Disappointed I am.
  2. Fight me irl fgt

  3. MAGA

    Just in Lyin' Ted has dropped out of the race. Cuckish now is in 4th place in a two person primary.   On to Killary!!!    THE TRUMP TRAIN HAS NO BRAKES
  4. Why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

    The trump train got no brakes boyosss
  5. feeling nostalgic

    Our tour is over boyos  
  6. liking a girl who has a bf

    I was in a similar situation to you and along with having a couple of friends who have also been in the same situation I feel like I could give you some good advice. Step 1 -pound down a couple of beers. Step 2- drive to the chick's house while pounding down a couple more brews. Step 3- force open the door, take the bf and throw him in his cuckmobile. Step 4- sexors wit the chick who is in awe of your alpha tendincies  
  7. f**king Ruined

    Might as well get lvl 25 Def now
  8. Have You Plebs Joined Any Osrs Clans?

    Eooooppppppp long live the kings
  9. All Mm Invited To Wedding Party Etho

    I'll take a dump outside the wedding doors.
  10. idiot virg

  11. Girl Help

    Holy f**k wall of text lol I'm not reading ever
  12. 10+ drinks. Blacked out in the club way before midnight. Woke up on my hotel room floor with a bunch of snaps on mystory of me wandering the city. Didn't fully recover till saturday. I think I need to rethink my life
  13. heard you eat turkey bacon out of ur ***

  14. Had A Few Questions

    Lol we 2k11 now.
  15. College Football

    ye hate to say it butttt.. its oregon's year