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  1. F2p prod is finally ready

    He did not get the gilded 2h back :) the 40k was his risk so I guess he skulled on accident. No takebacksies. I did cannon my range. There's a variety of methods for str which you'll have to look into. Hey Chance! I missed you. Add me in RS if you want, Covenant Man is my lil guy.
  2. F2p prod is finally ready

    Its not optimal, I can still get 77 range for another max hit at this combat First big PK
  3. Hi, do we have a CC for Deadman this season?

    1. Danny


      We'll be on tldr.me ts

      More than likely we'll be using a cc, we'll sort it out later. I'll probably just open "MM" fc beforehand so we can use that if needs be.

    2. Jamez


      Thanks for the info Dannyboy

  4. I see manson lurking

    Starting at around the time I turned 18, I started having thoughts of f*****g another guy, but I tried to repress them. I thought I was totally straight and that they would just go away (and they usually did for a few weeks/months). I went away for college at around this time, still a v****n. During my first few months in college, I was extremely sexually frustrated. Getting with a girl was impossible, no matter how hard I tried. I didn't understand how, seeing as I thought I was pretty attractive: 6'0", 180 lbs, athletic build. First I tried just talking to them, then I went to clubs, and then I started using dating apps, but nothing worked. I was as frustrated as ever, but the fabulous thoughts started coming back. Seeing this, I was finally coming to terms with the fact that I find men incredibly hot, and I combined two and two. I downloaded Grindr and found a guy that went to my college who I found s**y as hell (let's call him Ben). He was 6'2", jacked, and looked like he oozed sex. I messaged him and cut right to the chase - I wanted sex now. He obliged and came to my dorm when I told him where it was. When he knocked on my door I felt like I was going to die of horniness. I invited him in and we made small talk for a few minutes which helped calm my nerves. I led him to my bed where we continued to talk. Ben made the first move when he put his hand on my inner thigh. It made me let out a small moan, and I could feel my c**k starting to get hard. He leaned in to kiss me and his lips were so soft. It was my first kiss, and I thought my c**k was going to explode right then. We kept making out, took off each other's shirts, and kissed more vigorously. He pushed me down onto my back, and kissed my neck, and started making his way down to my rock hard c**k. With each kiss I felt more blood rush down there, and I let out even louder moans. He took off my pants, and rubbed my b***r through my underwear. He put his mouth on it, and ripped off my boxers. My heart was pounding from excitement as he put his soft lips on my c**k head. He started to stroke it, and then started to suck on it. It felt like heaven as his mouth was moving up and down my shaft. I told him I was about to cum but he kept going, and swallowed it right there. My legs were going wild and kicking all over the place when I was c*****g - I loved it! He came up to kiss me, and we made out for about a minute. I think he thought we were done, but then I pushed him down on his back (we were both sitting on the bed again at this point). He had a raging hard on from hearing me moan and cum in his mouth, which I felt through his jeans. I ripped off his pants and boxers to get to his d**k. It was the perfect size - 7 inches, thick, but not too thick. I stared in awe for a few seconds, marveling, and told him how beautiful his c**k was. He sorta laughed, but that turned into a quick moan when I sucked his d**k. It was my first time, but I was making him scream! I loved the taste of his warm d**k in my mouth, and I made him cum in less than two minutes. I got up from between his legs and got on top of him. We were both going limp, and made out for a few minutes. I rubbed, teased, and tongued his nipples, which made him moan. His moans made me start to get hard again, and me getting hard made him start to get hard. I wanted more than just to get blown, and told him this. Ben was obviously more experienced than me, and knew just what to do to me. He turned me over onto my stomach and groped my ***. I was always proud of it - all those squats made it shaped. He squeezed my cheeks, spread them open, and stuck his tongue in there. I was not expecting it to feel that good! He did that for a few minutes, and occasionally stuck a few fingers in. He asked if I was ready and I told him that I wanted him to f**k me. He told me to stick my *** up again, and he slowly slid his d**k inside me. He kept it there for a minute, and told me it would loosen me up. After this, he slowly thrusted his hips and his c**k in me. I'm not gonna lie, it hurt at first, but I got used to it. He asked if it felt good, and I was starting to enjoy it at around the time he asked me. His d**k started going in and out at a faster rate, and both of us were moaning loudly. He slapped my *** and his balls slapped against me. I could feel his skin against mine and it was a wonderful experience. My hard on twitched uncontrollably, and he reached around to jack me off too! He took his d**k out of my ***, and threw me onto my back. I loved being thrown around like this! He told me to lift my legs up slightly, and entered me again. He leaned in a few times to kiss me. His soft lips made me go wild every time they touched mine. I was hard as a rock as he f****d me and started jacking myself off. Ben took my hands off my d**k so that he could stroke it instead. With my hands free, I felt up his pecs and biceps. In this position, I could also look into his eyes more. The whole time I never realized how beautiful his face was. He told me he was about to cum and I told him I wanted it all over me. He ripped his d**k out of my *** to spray his thick, warm load all over my chest and face. He was out of breath and his d**k was throbbing, and I picked up his cum and licked it off of my fingers while never breaking from his eyes. I got up off my back to kiss him, and we made out for a little bit more before he handed me a towel to wipe all of his cum off me. We both got dressed, but he made sure to get one more *** slap in before I put my boxers back on, and I made sure to squeeze his c**k through his underwear. Once we were completely dressed, I kissed him once again (as you can tell I couldn't get enough of his lips!), and told him I was ready to get f****d anytime. He squeezed my *** and kissed me again and told me that we would make this a regular thing from now on.
  5. DMM Seasonals 2

    Ok I found out how the new DMM is gonna work. These details are kind of important if you want to plan ahead.    
  6. DMM Seasonals 2

    Does anyone know if the 6 hour protection period will start right when Season 2 is released?
  7. DMM Seasonals 2

    Count me in. What CC are we using this time?
  8. 10 years since the Falador Massacre

    http://services.runescape.com/m=news/falador-massacre---10-year-anniversary-event---world-111?jptg=ia&jptv=community_news " Players in the vicinity of the massacre area will randomly transmogrify into a ghostly Durial321, complete with the power to attack any nearby player and use his equipment load out. Victims cannot fight back but will not actually die or lose any items if killed by a possessed player. Players possessed by Durial will receive double PvP XP from these “kills” too. " Apparently they even made a Runescape version of Nightwish's Planet Hell to play in the background in Fally in that world. Sounds like fun lol.
  9. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    I haven't cut it out complete, but I do feel better the less meat I consume. It's probably just because before I ate too much meat, as all Americans do.
  10. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    I've said multiple times that I support people eating meat if its necessary. I'm not judging you or anyone else and I respect your need to support your family. What I'm talking about is say, keeping a chicken cooped up in a cage purely so that you can enjoy the taste, even when there are plenty of foods to select from and easy ways to get your nutrients. I'm not preaching here either - why would I preach veganism if I'm not vegan my self? I'm just trying to dispel some of the ignorance that I see on this subject, with facts, to the best of my ability. I'll see if I can find some more scholarly links next time, thanks.
  11. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    Your views and mine are not as different as you think. I never said that killing animals for food is unethical. I'm saying that there are implications of modern factory farming practices that most people never think of. What about chickens being kept in cages so small that the chicken cannot physically turn around and it's body is kept in a very awkward position 24/7? Is that animal abuse? And it clearly is bad for the environment, that is a fact. However, using insects for food is one form of meat production which is actually rather sustainable. It uses significantly less resources, so that might be a good alternative in the future when our planet can no longer sustain factory farms, since most people will never consider becoming vegan. http://science.time.com/2013/12/16/the-triple-whopper-environmental-impact-of-global-meat-production/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_impact_of_meat_production To all those who've insulted me during this thread, I am open to hear what it is that I've said that make you think I'm wrong or stupid (or should GTFO, courtesy of Blazey.) I haven't stated any opinions here (except for "I think animal abuse is wrong"), only facts. And I'm not even vegan my self. How can you be so certain that I'm wrong if you won't even hear me out? I can only assume it's because you've had conversations with vegans who acted like morally superior asshats and you assume that everyone who's concerned is one of those people.
  12. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    My comparison with r**e/murder is just that it's only "subjective" whether or not it's wrong. But we as a society can still agree that it's wrong. I agree, our ancestors shouldn't have gone full vegan. Back then it wouldn't have made any sense. Maybe for some societies, eating meat is important for their survival and that's fine. But in 2016, in a 1st world country? It's the opposite. NOT eating meat/dairy will actually help us survive by helping maintain the environment.
  13. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    Whether or not r**e/murder is wrong is also subjective, but we as a society came to the conclusion that it is. If you think abusing a dog is wrong but that eating from McDonalds isn't, then you're directly contradicting yourself. If you think that abusing a dog is okay, then I guess you can also believe that factory farming is ok and you'd be logically consistent. But that's not exactly a mainstream view. I've had more arguments with vegans than probably anyone here, arguing in favor of being an omni. If you keep arguing with them long enough, every single one of your arguments will get whittled down and proven wrong. It's because they're right. Science is on their side 100%. The only reason most of us will never realize this is because we all just tell vegans to go f**k off instead of hearing them out.
  14. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    I'm not brainwashed, I also always tried to argue against veganism until I realized every single one of those arguments is wrong. Also, I do still eat meat/dairy when I want, but now I just do it knowing that I'm doing something morally wrong. And I don't actually believe that meat/dairy is wrong in general, it's just the way that it's done in the 21st century. This isn't your grandpa's farm. This is millions of animals being kept in way too tiny of cages, being fed way too low quality food, and just being treated like objects. If you saw someone torturing a dog in this manner, you would absolutely consider it animal abuse. Whether or not we are meant to eat meat is irrelevant. Animal agriculture is by far the #1 factor contributing to climate change. The shape of your teeth isn't going to save the environment.
  15. Any vegetarians on MM forums?

    My girlfriend is full vegan. I've been eating largely vegan since she converted. Talk a the s**t you want, there is no logical argument VS veganism in 2016. Factory farming in the 21st century is ethically and environmentally unacceptable, regardless of whether or not it's socially acceptable.