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  1. 94 Magic

    Thanks guise <3 yee training str is next, so I can rambo on dem noob mugs. Also need to train slayer so I can wear my damn quest cape again. Who's all back for mobile? Drop yo RSNs and add me!! :D   
  2. 94 Magic

    Posted on the wrong forum account, watevs doe!!!!!!
  3. 31 Prayer Master Race

    Grats homie welcome to the hall of fame with me now!. AMG LOOK WHO IT IS RANGER ENVOY OMG SO FAMOUS. Dude it's Michael from Team Michael!!!! LOL remember this? Good ole Team Michael days.
  4. Sooo Stronk

    87 cb + Qcape Prev name still goat thrower. Impersonated this kid greywolf470 so my rsn is currently greywolf47o =] to train 99 str or nawt?
  5. 60 Attack 70 Def Piety Pure In The Making :d

    Im 60 attack and I'm getting piety too! Add me Goat Thrower on osrs
  6. Finally

    yeh i know zealots owns, but at this point my plan is just to stake for bond money, Rs3 cash is king. If I reset def and pray to 1 il be like lvl 89 lol.
  7. Finally

    Finally got all my cb stats maxed. Not without jagex trolling the fk outta me again tho. Bout a year ago one time during eoc I switched to f2p and then back to p2p, and put me on shared xp without knowing cuz u gotta go into settings to choose which style to train. Killed an ariut and got 8 def. Just yesterday with the grim reaper update they did it again, switched me to shared xp and 9 def. GF And just when I had max melee gear (besides superior scrimsaw, .2 str bonus big whoop) they release some new s**t thatl take like a month to get.
  8. Whoz Up?

    Maxing cb stats with 99 atk in an hr. Join my fc if ya wanna hang or talk or we. Having a party at my house to celebrate in an hr!!!!
  9. That Feel When

    We can reopen as GM, Goat Makers.
  10. I Love U Guys

  11. I Love U Guys

    books with high magic bonus used by mages, that's what you are. Stolen
  12. Legacy Being Good To Me Lol

    Agree, good work!
  13. Definition Of Pure

    Yup, Dead on. OG Hatma's always right.
  14. Zzz

    Grats on enduring 5000 cwars games. 100,000 minutes. That's over two straight months of time!!!!!!
  15. On That Mage Grind , Road To 94 Mage

    pu$$y. And I know what prayer is, its for pu$$ie$. Idea: Use the staff at 15 prayer in duel arena to stake enuff for a staff, then risk it. But except be so badass that you just own everyone and not die and not lose it ^_^ PS. And risk an occult necklace too.