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  2. who watches streams in here these days? :D

    f**k yeah man, how goods the stream tribute :D
  3. who watches streams in here these days? :D

    did 1-99 range in one stream 3 times so far, plus trained 3 accounts from 40-60 all the way to 99 in one stream, legit check it out :D
  4. 2015 Worlds

    couch might makes sesh's more comfortable? surely 2 seater would do it?
  5. Topic Linking To "win" Topics

    all links bring me back here :'(
  6. tbh it definetly is the forums, theres no new content being released and then you took the imagine/place where all the nostalgia was and removed it? #EOC?   exactly the same thing, its not about anythign other than love and nostalgia and we miss it :( P.S i never said anything cus liuke old mate said, teh f**k am i gonna do about it
  7. long time no see boys :D hahaha, man started streaming recently aye if anyone wants to check it out id love to see the mm support in my channel man, sick of hating out these foe/fi neebs :p   anyways, if yall intereested in some badass aussie Pking streams would love to see your there my brothers <3 twitch.tv/JMR_Rian   bare minimum we stream 7pm-2am mon-thurs normally we got 24+ hours of content on the weekend too :D
  8. [S] Quest Kits - Got Them All

    hey brah when you online :((
  9. Sooo Stronk

    70 80-85 str dharok it out man youll ownn
  10. wow. aside from the faggy trim around the edges, that was actually pretty f*****g good lololol! why is rs3 santa and rsos is an elf -.-'
  11. Official "what Did You Get?" Topic

    TECH TECH N9NE N9NE TICKETSSSSSSSS b*****z!! FFS YES. hahaha, nah, in all seriousness but i got me some m***********g TECH N9NE TICKETS BOI!! and an ipod 5 :D:D nicely done this year (:
  12. Legacy Mode Isn't What You Think It Is.

    theyve also said some levels will be allowed to roll back to accomodate pures :D:D:D:D
  13. This Bank

    *quits eoc, cashes in, gets banned, buys 500m 07, pays off half a house and still plays rs*
  14. Rs Boyfriends

    yeah it does aye, i thought runescape would be around forever in its current state, back in original 07... so sad all the good mates never to hear from again and the awesome times never to be quite the same.... why jagex.... your killing both of us :(
  15. Sick One Jagex

    this is awesome. *hops on turm zerk*