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  1. $157,485.71

  2. where the hood at

    i alb i
  3. going onto 2nd year at university... and im wondering is it really worth it? (england ppl pls) 

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    2. Ex MM

      Ex MM

      What subject? I'd say it's worth it!

    3. Slow Toad

      Slow Toad

      Im studying mechanical engineering

    4. Danny


      As long as you're not studying some s**t like Art LMFAO

  4. Todd

    how do you find boosted animals like this?
  5. Discord?

  6. tb n kill intro

    dont listen to that guy, your stats are exceptional to say the least and talking to the leaders we've decided to give you an unconditional offer to the clan
  7. Wild West Online

  8. Wild West Online

    Some new game in development I just recently heard off check it out.. more info on http://playwwo.com/   thoughts?   edit: Someone posted an unofficial FAQ on their forums and seems to be about right ill post it down below "Hey all,  I've seen a lot of questions being asked around the forums so I thought I'd compile this thread of frequently asked questions to help clarify some things. These answers have all been either reported on the website or through interviews with the developers. As development progresses, I will try and stay updated as best as I can. If you have any suggestions for the list or answers to questions, please drop them below! ------------------------------------------------- When will Wild West Online be released? We plan on running a number of alpha tests this summer, with a closed beta available by the fall and a short open beta prior to the game’s launch. Players will be able to get a taste of what’s coming, provide feedback and help us create the ideal western game they wanted." Will Wild West Online be PvP only? "Our reveal actually mentioned that WWO has both PvP and PvE activities, but for some reason it has been perceived that our game is strictly PvP. Combat will be between players, but we have plenty of other activities tailored to either single player or co-op play that will not include killing everyone you see. There are NPCs in the game and some will provide you with information: Some will give you missions and quests, and some are just there to trade with. The world is big enough for players to “be lost” and not meet other players if they don’t want to." "...We’ll offer community-driven PvE and roleplaying servers. These servers are community-driven and players who don’t want to do ANY PvP whatsoever will be free to do so and have their own “reality” on a custom server, or they can join one of the community-ran and -regulated roleplaying servers. It’s pretty much the same concept as the role playing servers for World of Warcraft." What are the system specifications to be able to play WWO? @Zancuto asked the devs on Facebook, and they replied stating that a NVIDIA 460 graphics card and anything superior will work. Will WWO be subscription-based, or a one-time purchase? @Domi asked the devs on Facebook, and they replied stating that it will not be subscription-based, but a one-time purchase with the opportunity to purchase cosmetic items.  How much will it cost? "We expect price to be below $40 or 40 euro depending on your country." Will it have controller support? "Yes, the game will support any directx controller - including Xbox and PS4." What languages will WWO be in? "We’re planning on having English, French, German and Spanish versions, initially, with with the possibility of adding Russian, Portuguese, Thai and Mandarin." ------------------------------------------------- Reminder: this serves as an unofficial F.A.Q. until an official one gets published by the devs. As of right now, this is the only important information that I can find that has been verified by 612 Games. More to be added soon!"
  9. Moleklapro

    erm u ok? club penguin closed months ago
  10. rekims

    ur a sad void ranger
  11. any1 single pk on medlevel?

    1. nate


      i have 101 60 att piety wbu?

    2. Slow Toad

      Slow Toad

      105 75 attack add me slow toad

  12. I did it bois

    gratz ready for inferno lad
  13. hello

    well well well,   funny how the first time i login in months you post on the forums ahahahahha   p.s danny mash potato head stfu
  14. best way to level up on pokemon go? any tips and tricks

  15. The Usual Suspects

    watch primal fear, released around the same time and its crime mystery movie like usual suspects. You'll probably like it if you liked usual suspects.