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  1. Is OSRS as dead as this forum?

    Thanks for the insight, it's nice to see some of you still lurking. All of my accounts were banned years ago but I just started a new pure to p**s around on when I can.
  2. Is OSRS as dead as this forum?

    Hey, Guy! You too man. Is OSRS worth playing these days? Is there active PKing? I thought about picking it back up. 
  3. Not Gonna Be A Father!

    probably the worst feeling
  4. Report To Me Now

    u act like ur >30k member no. kid lol are u serious o ok i just have no rs friends :cry:
  5. Report To Me Now

    wat is the public cc
  6. ur gey

  7. Runescape Drinking Game!

    lvl 99 stomach pump
  8. Runescape Drinking Game!

    not enough drinking to be a drinking game
  9. Best Place To Train 40 45 40

    def/pray is too low for that.. maybe after like flat 60s
  10. Best Place To Train 40 45 40

    thats what i was thinking or the things a floor down from them im like lvl 50
  11. Best Place To Train 40 45 40

    thats where ive been i was wondering if there was anything better and possibly afkable
  12. Sup Bitches.

    haha im just as surprised as you are. my only regret about leaving this forsaken game definitely has to be losing touch with old friends i miss mm foramz
  13. Songs That Just Make You Think Of Runescape

    its goin down by yung joc thanks to ts crew lolzz