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  1. Sup Niglets

    Long time no post whats up fagg0ts
  2. I'm Still Pure I Swear...

    99 def pure
  3. Real Or Not

  4. Post Your Vehicles

    Use my dads camry atm gonna get an SI or a Jetta soon.
  5. Easts

  6. Spiderdog Prank

    wouldve pulled out the gat and merked the dog but yolo
  7. 50M Slayer

  8. How Is That 856Ap?

    his q is like Nasus every time you kill a creep with it you get ap
  9. My Journey Continues...

    Goodluck mane
  10. Is League Down Or Just Me?

    Na is new euw
  11. Whoz Up?

    ur nan
  12. Getting Own Apartment

    Just roll on the landlord with the squad and pull out the gat demand for a discount and if he/she says no 1 bullet in each kneecap n***a we dont f**k around out here #OTF #3HUNNA #BANGBANG #OBLOCK #GBE
  13. Just Been Broke Up With

    Go f**k her sister