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  1. Foe Reqs

  2. Loot From 10 Hours Of Steel Dragons

    Y would u post a 4 minute video and not a picture n***a I aint watchin a 4 minute video to see ur loot
  3. Take it back and go elsewhere. Seems like they don't know what they're doing if ur primary hd is already full lol and seems like the problem is the processor get that fan working u dont want it running hot
  4. Lol y would u do that
  5. Gratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. 99 Strength

    NAICE MY *****!!!!!!!!!!! can i borrow 10m
  7. 15 To 44 Pray.

    31 or 44 whichever gets u off
  8. So Lost Trying To Buy New Computer

    an i5 will do just fine for processor. Get one with a decent graphics card. If you don't plan to play games like battlefield and all that on max settings u dont need to worry about spending a whole lot. 8-12gb ram will suffice
  9. Rares Coming Out On June 3Rd

    that's fabulous. 2 days before my bday omg phats for my bday
  10. Cannon..

    id go fire giants or str8 up not use cannon
  11. The Most Massive Pure In All Of Runescape

    Gratz now do all quests
  12. Requesting A Farming Guide

    For rizzle man, get pineapples make ur own super compost, plant flower patch, herb patch, allotment and fruit trees/reg trees when you can. Trees are massive xp so do it
  13. Tarn's Lair/salve Amulet (E) Guide

    Very helpful. I'd suggest getting this if you ever kill any of the monsters you get bonuses for
  14. :x

    Did Sev give you the account I Fr0ze U