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  1. I see manson lurking

    hes kind of a loser but he's our loser so we tolerate him
  2. Only In America

    #MAGA America turning 241 in 3 days.
  3. Let Us All Stand For A Minute Silence

    here lies wilderness we didn't miss it because most of us moved on with our lives since then the rest are losers who would never have amounted to anything anyways so it doesn't really matter 
  4. I demand the christmas banner

    parm is basically h****r right now
  5. Only In America

    https://imgur.com/a/e1zjc Great again.
  6. Best Mm Memory?

    1v1 war against FOE in the 2010-ish pre-EOC period.
  7. Updated MM memberlist ~ 8/2/16

    looks like a bunch of losers
  8. Redemption closed

    this is super important for me to know and i thank u for imparting this information unto us
  9. I found nemo

    needs more monkfish
  10. God Bless Mahatma

    stop giving the anime loving loser any attention just let him die of loneliness
  11. God Bless Mahatma

    and god bless america
  12. Mandatory tlp closed for real thread

    thought about it after deadman wound down saw that wildy was even more broken and that pvm/skilling became the name of the game f**k dat s**t
  13. Mandatory tlp closed for real thread

    go matched opts vs rot then
  14. Only In America