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  1. Albion Online

    hahahahaHAHAHAHHA nilfgaard dead and irrelevant guild try again your main GVG team is f*****g dog s**t holy f**k nice comebacks
  2. Albion Online

    Hahahhaha, heard your cringe voice and horrific calls got you removed from your guild. Stay trash talking the game and guild while you get exiled to the backseat for being a whiny b***h. Back to RuneScape with you.
  3. Albion Online

    The game is GRINDY as f**k. But since we control area in middle Cumbria (the 2nd best continent in the game) we can fame 3-5m a week (max fame takes ~9m) Our guild is doing a spotlight with the devs soon because we stole an entire home plot (the first home plot in the game to change hands without being sold since they are impossible to lose basically) from another guild. The PvP is fun as f**k but unfortunately the territory part has to be taken in a MOBA (lol, dota) style 5v5. http://exploited.gg if you wanna have some fun. also hit my PMs I will give gold and gear to anyone wanting to play this video sums it up perfectly but tl;dr is: massive open world full loot like rs massive guild focus (numbers / big guilds win and control everything) territory is controlled by guilds (cities, home plots, watchtowers, farms) massive crafting focus, everything in the game was crafted by another player moba style combat eve online political system (scamming, stealing, lying, etc. is allowed and encouraged) massive f*****g grind  boring *** PvE content since 99% of the game focus is PvP    
  4. Albion Online

    This game is dope as f**k and just like the glory RuneScape days imo. Massive scale fights, MOBA combat style, full loot, vast economy. If anyone here plays it now hit my line, started a guild and we are already top 10 pvp fame.   ny the game is 30$ but imo its worth with the fun I have had so far, also general Albion thread.
  5. Starting a small pure clan since MM is dead, PM me or add 'TRUMP GOD' in-game if you finna slay

  6. Thy ist back!

    After 3 years daddy has come home ! add me I just appealed a mute from 2006 for password scamming 'TRUMP GOD' Kappa
  7. lol shared account with cousin + ive played like 8 games on here lol
  8. come f**k around w/ me niggas http://www.twitch.tv/wickedprecision/ <3 edit: off for night will do again tomorrow fall0w
  9. Starting To Stream Again, If People Want?

    omg my bad n***a hahahahaha i forgot the echo was on :o i fixed it
  10. Starting To Stream Again, If People Want?

    currently 4-0-3
  11. Starting To Stream Again, If People Want?

    Setting it up now edit live: http://www.twitch.tv/wickedprecision/ edit: 1-0-1
  12. Hello friends, some of you on here know me but long story short former NA challenger player back to the game after a break. I used to stream a ton before but stopped along with stopping the game, if I started to stream again (LAN smurf, NA smurf) would anyone be interested in watching? I am a chill *** stoned dude who likes dank memes and good music edit live and stoned 1st game 20 FF rip done for the night, will be on tomorrow ~6-8 CENTRAL http://www.twitch.tv/wickedprecision/
  13. Lol Katowice Discussion

  14. Lol Katowice Discussion

    that lvl 1
  15. Lol Katowice Discussion