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  1. Pre-Eoc Vs Osrs

  2. Whats The Correct Acronym To Use In A Forum Thread

    Get your post count up some more on FOE f*****g idiot
  3. Whats The Correct Acronym To Use In A Forum Thread

    I got vouch, you the f****t
  4. Whats the correct acronym to use in a forum thread, for referencing the person who created said thread?
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    This is one of those threads that you have to read it, or it may confuse you.
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    How do i get to the Mayhem Maker chat room and message member, whos' IRC username I have?
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    Real life talk mate
  9. New Irc User

    how do i get to mayhem maker chat/message a mayhem maker via chat, of whom I have their irc user name
  10. Nearly Fucked My Acc Up

    Dragons are awesome, stop killing them.
  11. I like your signature. 9/10

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    Thanks for your words of wisdom, you are wise beyond your beers.
  13. The Struggle Is Not Real For This Guy.

    It is not even 1 million.
  14. Is Mayhem Maker going to use this recruiting technique?