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  1. It's two tokens for 1mil. Maybe the first is 300k for example. They want to give an incentive for people to stay longer and collect more, and risk their previous tokens.
  2. [Official] Na Lcs Discuss Thread

    Love clg and crs. Clg since hotshot left is actually a likeable team. A part of me wants curse to end up 7th after superweek so they will finally do something about saint, I feel like hes letting them down somewhat.
  3. Long Live

    they didnt they just like it now
  4. Long Live

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUifLbLVXFo
  6. L0L R3Lv

    this is a game and your ties to the clan went when you got kicked anyway but making up bs and trying to blame us for not upholding the rules when you were the one who went around breaking them is pathetic but i guess you do what you gotta do to get into foe, right? He got kicked and re-invited after. The spesh thing was a week after that or such.
  7. Pathetic

    thats why i quit the game is dying and the wild feels dead to me from what i remember from actual 2007 runescape.
  8. Range Based Pures?

    Skilling for quests --> quests --> get gold --> chin to 99 3rd stage may be harder than described
  9. Why would you want clan wars in a game with so few people? We'd never see anyone outside of edge/drags/clan wars ever again. All I'd want is the number of players to be like it was back in 07. Knowing the game has such a limited lifespan depresses me.
  10. 10V10 Vs Foe

    yeah like cancer
  11. Next Hpc Clan?

    atleast you know where your own clan stands andrew
  12. How's 07Scape?

    lol theres rushers on all cb levels not just upto 75. Past 75 it's just void rushers instead. 07scape good; edge bad.
  13. But Why Tho

    remember kids its cool to drink
  14. Mm Vs Foe Ft Rot Crashing

    praying mage vs mains in d hide
  15. Dota2 Open Beta Starts Today

    Does the game still have that ever so slight but noticeable delay on everything you do?