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  1. Song Name?

    is it this one? http://bit.ly/XLjDxV
  2. What Is This Item Worth?

    master wand/ mage's book
  3. Free 10K Xp Lamp

    For those of you that have done DT and got your ghostly robes, you can get a free 10k XP lamp. You must have gone all the way to the last ghost and finished his dialogue. Then go to Varrock Museum and speak to Historian Minas, just up the first set of stairs. Say "I have some s**t that you can use in your displays" Talk to him for a while and you'll get a 10k XP lamp, and probably a few 1k XP lamps. You can use the 10k lamp on any skill over 50, and the 1k on any skill over 30. Just thought I'd share this because not many people know about it.
  4. Buying Diamonds 1300 Each

    -----------EDIT: BUYING AT 1400 EACH NOW--------- Looking for about 200, cut or uncut, it doesnt matter, Pm me ingame or post here!
  5. The oldschool handcannon?
  6. New Record For Me

    Would have been less, but I couldn't resist training those pray levels :P
  7. Any Britfags Here Going To...

    it is actually v****n fest!
  8. Any Britfags Here Going To...

    V Fest this year? If not, are you going to any other festivals? Be interesting to see what everyones doing!
  9. Shield Of Arrav

    Can anyone come and do shield of arrav with me? Or anyone whose done it come back for 10 mins to help me out? I haven't chosen a side yet so its all good!
  10. Best Money Making Skill

    Bro, you missed luring as a money making skill
  11. If You're Using Mice, Read This.

    52 replies, all but like 7 on topic
  12. I Lick Squids

    i told you, it's the best spot on RS
  13. I Have An Idea!

    kill yourself
  14. If You're Using Mice, Read This.

    shush nig
  15. Found possibly the greatest and most underused spot on RS for this. After the log in Barbarian Agility Course, up the net and voila! You're here! 2 spaces possible = 60k xp p/h