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  1. i'd probally destroy you at chess, but idk though I've met some people that are amazing
  2. lmao tbh....you cant give rs up for 2 nights? honestly I only plat now for clan events ijs, it's a game, don't let in interfere with your life bra
  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Kill It With The Beat

  5. Work

    90 mining? are you fuking insane
  6. Arr...matey!

  7. 99 Range

  8. Skillful Speshls

  9. 100000Th Chinning Topic

    just go use them and find out
  10. My Girlfriend Wants To Lose Weight

    give her some crack, she'll lose weight. In this case give her a lot since she is obese af
  11. 6M Pk Sons

  12. P Bay Users

    whats op? I;m obivious to all these new terms
  13. Free To Play

    I agree they were slow but now its pickng up. And if someone would like to move this to the right section, it would be appreciated,
  14. Free To Play

    like I said bro, I know that everyone has there own s**t in life to deal with, and yeah it was early today and everyone may not have been informed. where is this topic btw?