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Itz Figment

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  1. Praise Etcho

    This is clearly showing there prepping the forums for a comeback duhhh get ready for the reopening boys!
  2. Yoloboys

    I dislike KrZ no clicky!
  3. Cya Theo

    Taking GP's to be a hitman, Pm for my sword.
  4. Uutuus & teddy lurkin in bo eh's stream.

    1. D4rk


      I cant even watch that person stream for 5minutes before i die from boredom

    2. Dom


      ^Well he's doing something right to be the most popular, makes bank also.

    3. Uutuus


      D4rk ur poker n league streams r boring too!!!!!!!!!!

  5. - Mayhem Makers Media Gallery -

    beauties c:
  6. Kill Orgy Closes Its Doors

    The glorious crater days, miss this clan had alot of fun in it.
  7. Wish Us Luck

  8. Sons Of Anarchy

    Warning Spoiler kinda sorta kina: I was salty that Tara got did how she did, she did get annoying AF so did Gema wanted to backhand some b*****s. Overall loved the series. Jax went out like a goon.
  9. Whats Most Op Build In 07

    Just be good and any builds good bic boi.
  10. Can we open and re-close EOP in August c:?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iowna slave

      iowna slave

      didnt eop close like 1-2 months ago?

    3. Mantas


      theyre reopening just to close the week after

    4. Kyle


      they'll close themselves in a month anyways

  11. I Bought A New Car.

    grats budd