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  1. EOP Closes its doors

    Lol this true 😆
  2. EOP Closes its doors

    Back in like 07 people used to call them eruption of p*****s
  3. Describe Your Home Town

    CHIrag, aint s**t good there. Moved out to WA last year to go to UW like living on a different planet.
  4. Petition To Ban I Fr0Ze U

    +1... dont care
  5. I Have A Dream

  6. Best Reaction Ever

    thanks for the letdown mate
  7. Http://www.twitch.tv/d4Rkmayhem

    needs better sunglasses 0/10
  8. Do You Prefer 07Scape Or Pre-Eoc Runescape?

    i miss when i could f2p at hillies in w3 and bs the **** out of son paris with 0mega1. i also miss sleeping bags
  9. i watched till u started going omfgfgfgfgfgf ur hacking!!! then i found myself reaaaallly hoping youd get cleaned so i hit dat X
  10. Best Staker Ever

  11. Foe Vs Mm Irl War

    never go full r****d son..
  12. Addy Gloves 1 Def Poll

    Gorilla Altar would also be nice..
  13. Worst Sports Injury I've Ever Seen

    he is already up and walking on crutches gf
  14. Mod Q+A. Intresting Stuff.

    if gwd or clan wars comes out i quit. seeing this as even an option to come out later makes me want to say **** it and quit now.