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  1. Run escape

    yeh chinks are bad business. Who's that girl in your siggy xdxd
  2. Run escape

    this kid is a jew, don't do it. he payds like 1m for  400k exp. legit china slavery sht
  3. Run escape

    join mom
  4. kk

    @Danny got emmmmm hahaha
  5. Gather the flags bois

  6. lmfao u wash car for a liviving stfu
  7. l0l keep lying to yourself tortoise looking as, everyone knows ur lonely bc ur at a lower standard than jax lmfao    
  8. typical comment from you, GG ur loss of words 
  9. l0l furious is actually jealous of jax's lifestyle. he complains on ts everyday that he could sit at home and play rs with henry l0l0l0l yet he is still scrubbing cars at his uncle's carwash lmfao
  10. Jax is famous now

      That's good, lmk when you hate me.  
  11. Petition to remove Parms admin

    Take back the throne please, Henry is abusing his powers :/
  12. Jax is famous now

    5k! Let's do some fun math here since Jax failed college algebra. ounce = $200-300 ($250/oz). 5k/250 = 20 ounces x 28 = 560 grams. Wow, that's a lot blazing! Good thing he has the time to do it since he's on welfare and leeches off the taxpayers.  
  13. Petition to remove Parms admin

    i mean if you could smoke weed, play rs, and leech off tax payers wouldn't u do it?
  14. Petition to remove Parms admin

    1. Guy 2. Danny (never liked that r****d) 3. detective john kimble 4. James aka felix 5. Piers 6. Adam 7. Null 8. BigH 9. Furious (lmfao parm is honestly such a r****d, just like tom) 10. Tom (Furious is envious of my lifestyle in every aspect)