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  1. Ok

    More like "i f****d up because i got 2 def and raged and got convinced by bowl cut lord to stop at 60"
  2. Wild West Online

    rather not hear your opinion 
  3. rekims

      i have an exquisite taste for food. That will last me one meal if i decided to tip 
  4. Blackman at ladies night

    just blaze aka smoke weed. That way you won't have that limpd**k :) @Guy is an excellent weedblazer
  5. rekims

    wow.... looks like you've made it in life
  6. My Winter Storm

    u hate da game bc ur not good ^_^
  7. Go to clubs/bars alone?

  8. Female Problems, Need Assistance

    good one rebecca
  9. I need you

    are you doing one of those surveys for ur class?
  10. Female Problems, Need Assistance

    this kid right here will go places ^^^   also furious if you're reading this, nice smirk idiot
  11. Female Problems, Need Assistance

    Well, if we gather the facts here. You can clearly evaluate the situation by looking at [NA] furious's signatures. I'd rather take advice from @Maybe Jax at least he passed college algebra and has a sustainable runescape name selling business. like seriously, you need to watch out for this guy. he's the type of guy who will steal ya gurl at the gas station
  12. Female Problems, Need Assistance

    You should take a chance on her the next time you see her before it's too late :/ but yes, what guy states could potentially happen as well Ps. Don't take advice from furious if he gives you anything, he hasn't had any contacts with females besides his waifu pillows
  13. Rip celtic

    yeah noodle arms can't take to save his life
  14. when creamcakes see tata scouting gwd

    imagine playing on a server with less population than your family   edit: inb4 0-10 ask