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  1. Being alone

    lmfao you're fat and ugly and have the physique of a mushroom 
  2. Being alone

    this needs to be more precise. Can you give us an example of a series or manga? i feel like watching/reading through plot would better help our friend with understanding
  3. Being alone

    @Furious please help out this young gentleman. Ik you have a lot of experience from watching anime and reading mangas consisting of romanticism. Your thorough research is required to help this guy become a man.
  4. we back

    @Danny but not your teeth
  5. cc

    danny can't win at pogonoply lmfao hahahah fkn reject
  6. Albion Online

    i bet he doesn't work out legs
  7. I usually go down to Houston or Dallas when a big show/concert is there because friends that I graduated with work down there so it's EZ free rent, only pay for flight tix Not a big fan of ACL either but it's something I want to experience once, I mainly go to like the electric genre type of shows/festivals
  8. Korean Films? Drama?

  9. Albion Online

    Razzle Dazzled I'd delete my profile and never sign back in again :/ @Cpt Pancakes
  10. I'm glad furious didn't give you any advice, kid is a neet. Anything he says, you should do the opposite. May go to ACL but I been to Houston a couple times for concerts/festivals, not a bad place.  
  11. Animal/ Pet Thread

    I have a pet donkey/beaver (hybrid) named @Danny
  12. Animal/ Pet Thread

    I had a dog named tofu
  13. Albion Online

    @Furious pretty much thought he could escape the fate of the knights of the round table. However, he is now back in the same shtty position he was in. TLDR: he tried to lead a guild on albion and his cringe voice and leadership got him booted. morale of the story is that he should stick with dusting pans and washing dishes @Danny can confirm   @Todd ill tag him too bc he's been in isolation lately and needs some mentioning, kid is about to jump ship and start a school s******g
  14. Todd

    except he's 25 def and 70 prayer :think: