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  1. Tee 4 20 Def?

    stay 1
  2. Lt? :d:d:d:d:d:

  3. Rate The Sig Above You

    7, kl
  4. Yeah!

  5. 90 Cb Swag Though

  6. <3 The 90's

    gee zed
  7. Any Brits From Bristol

    old skins was k, new skins is 'shiate'
  8. Road To 94 Mage

    bot curses ye
  9. Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon

    scotlands #1 ye ite
  10. Still Tiny But Improving

    geee zed
  11. Ieop Pk Video 1

  12. meh, my intro was better fk editing scape doe
  13. liked it bro, look forward to future vids
  14. Best. Task. Ever.

    dat slay, nice