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  1. shut the fuk up angus ur s**t
  2. the division boys

    ofc its a german guy LOL
  3. [Official] Dota2

    completely forgot how s**t new hero patches are because ppl instapick it without even reading abilities it seems
  4. 10 years later

    rip pierz
  5. This annoys me

    they make videos for 10 year olds cus they have less chance of using adblock
  6. DMM General

    i dont get it, i thought u couldnt protect items in deadman? or is it if u only die to guards and nobody tags you can go pick it up yourself for 1 minute
  7. Old PK Videos?

    thats a classic but i think the jojo video is GOAT
  8. Old PK Videos?

  9. DMM General

    if i've learned anything from casually following deadman its that you just need to carry 1k noted food on you and stay near a bank always m8 good luck now u too can be tank god
  10. [Official] Dota2

    [20/11/2015 11:20:21 PM] Shannon: we are getting pretty deep into a 3 million tourny....EE chokes inbound for sure   i am a prophet
  11. My dad passed away

    rip brother
  12. DMM General

    for real whats the point of skilling on deadman lmao   at least he sort of took it like a champ
  13. Deadman

    nice ownage brother
  14. http://puu.sh/lgeiN.jpg good memories, now for tec9 and five seven
  15. DMM Pure progress

    thanks for guide ill be sure to camp out ardy zoo and kill some people