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  1. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

    Hey. Little Update: Got some combat levels finally going now with questing out prayer. Nearly done that then onto slayer for some combat for a few months. Hopefully get up somewhere enough close to be able to camp the spiritual mages.
  2. Nightmare Zone?

    Is this a good training spot for pures? Ive noticed a few people achieving mage levels in the achievements section and there is a rewards chest leading me to believe Nightmare Zone> Ape Atoll. Is this true? Whats the xp rates like?
  3. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

    Update: 99 Cooking :) Now to finish off 99 fletching so I cant start building this account. P.S If your wondering about the slow gains, I stopped RS for 5 weeks while I had law exams.
  4. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

    Im going for 99 Cooking at 999 total and 99 Fletching at 1k total. A wee skilling goal I started a few months ago. Fletching makes roughly 10-15m for 70>99 depending on supplies prices. Good easy way to start an account but fairly slow profits. Have some skill at merching so with the 20-25m I make from this goal I intend to turn that into 100m fairly quickly then chin/burst range/mage respectively for the early combat stats.
  5. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

    Update: Slowly Clawing to 99 Cooking and Fletching at 1k Total. When that is complete ill be questing out to 52 prayer and then doing combat and a few skill rounding goals.
  6. Coming In Hot

    Mint account man
  7. General Herblore Question

    Whats the general consensus on herblore training atm. Im keen to bump my dismal 21 herb to 60+ or so. whatsthe general methods atm? cash loss isnt too much of an issue but im patient enough i dont need a super fast method
  8. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

  9. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

    Update: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Halfway there. Time to wrap it up.
  10. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

    Update: 80 Fletch and 850 Total. See front page for updated picture. Now 85 Fletch, 60 RC and 50 Construction goals
  11. Bowstring Always For Sale

    Haha seen you heaps in w28 lumi. not talking though...... haha
  12. Buying All Green D'hide

    1450 each. Any quantity. Pm me :)
  13. Ice Fantasy's G&a Thread

    Update: Just got 70 Fletching and 726 Total. Doing some skilling in preperation for a few questing and slayer goals. See updated photo for last progress shot
  14. Watch Out For Bug

    I dont want anything. Jeez guys I was giving you all heads up. I wont bother next time
  15. Watch Out For Bug

    Haha na guys dont worry. It had nothing to do with poison, randoms, attacking guards or anything. Im emailing jagex at the moment and they are looking into it.