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  1. This clan still active?

  2. Sup.

  3. What Are You Listening To Atm?

  4. Who still plays?

    dont go main!
  5. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    as many as you want baby boo
  6. Forums have risen once more

    God bless MM. 
  7. GoT series finale

    Does anyone have the series finale episode? On the web of course.
  8. [2007] Offical Bank Pic Topic

    diced all my gp away.
  9. need m8s

    go main  
  10. Oldschool grind

  11. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    looks like i got my pick right
  12. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    Chicago with that 4-0 sweep last night.
  13. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    Kronwall suspended for 1 game . .. ... :facepalm:
  14. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    Redwings with that choke :(
  15. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    Not sure if Crosby was hurt or dive...
  16. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    My bracket I filled out yesterday :D
  17. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    why do you say that lol?
  18. Got Season 5 Leaks

    THANK YOU (y)
  19. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    so glad the bruins didnt make the playoffs :)