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  1. Todd

    nice pid
  2. Todd

      kid thought he could step up lmfao
  3. Todd

    i f****d u up r****d   Also lucky i didn't take pics of my wins, propaganda Danny at it again. If you wanna do some real dh fights let me know.
  4. game of thrones season 7

  5. game of thrones season 7

    bend the knee
  6. Which pure clan are u in?

    go on discord toxic wants u
  7. abc

    Danny gets high everyday
  8. Lel

  9. Truth be Told

  10. Sorry i don't pay for people to think i'm master tier. I'll go ask my owner if he can buy me masters next season so i can be as good as you
  11. That moment when stinger is too much of a r****d to admit he got boosted when he had to pay mario to even get into plat/diamond..,
  12. Wouldn't doubt you payed $700 for masters since you've paid mario before.
  13. dw my $700 will make me a riven god also
  14. lmfao stinger afraid to admit he got boosted hey everyone for $500 you can become riven gods