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  1. schmacked had a lot of fun today, good to see (some) competition out today
  2. He Lifts?

    pls go
  3. Ohh Ma Gawd.

    After a rigorously brief overview of your profile and post, I wanted to let you know I have already married and divorced you in my mind. Thanks for all the wonderful imaginary memories... you will always have a special place in my heart. Your Ex-husband, - Evo p.s. You can keep the beach house in Florida as long as I can have the dog and my DVD's back.
  4. Real Life Pure Master Race

    6'4 blue eyes
  5. Can Fletch My Logs Now

    nice stuff sir
  6. Attended sunday 3/24/13, enjoyed smacking foe at the end.. some birthday trip, lol.
  7. had fun, looking forward to tomorrow
  8. Attended saturday trip 3/23/13 but had to leave 90 minutes into the trip, shame I missed the rot fight. Was very fun nonetheless!
  9. Was really fun, can't wait till tomorrow.
  10. Attended friday trip 3/22/13, had fun.
  11. Dortmund has a pretty good shot to make it in to the finals, they are playing incredible right now. Hopefully we will see a dortmund/madrid final
  12. Hello, I would like to become a Mayhem Maker! Please tell us something about yourself. Well... my name is Larry, I'm 21 and live in the US. I'm currently studying computer science at a university and I enjoy it a lot! I love long walks on the beach, heated games of scrabble, weightlifting, chicken and brown rice, and FIFA. What is your current Display Name? Lord Evo What are your current stats? The picture must show the entire RS screen. What is your combat level ? 55 (stats kinda suck but it's a work in progress :P) What quests have you completed (MM,DT,Mith gloves, etc) ? Mith gloves Ava's Just got 55 mage and 45 prayer so I plan on getting DT done ASAP. Where did you find out about MM (eg. MMTube, Pk Videos, In-game)? Know them through being in the pure community for years. Do you know any MM Members? If so, list WHO and for HOW LONG: MeMe - 3 years I used to talk to Korrawi pretty frequently but I went inactive, talked to him a few days ago though. To be honest I don't know many MM members but I hope to meet many more people throughout the application process! Where are you from and what is your time zone? If you are uncertain of your time zone you can check it http://www.timezonec.../url.[/color[/b] US Central Time. At what time are trips for you, personally? You can check the trip times https://www.mm-rs.or.../url.[/color[/b] Friday: 4 PM Saturday: 3 PM Sunday: 3 PM Clan Information IRC is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on Swiftkit IRC or mIRC (To download Swiftkit click https://www.mm-rs.or...ry1285469"]HERE ) in the #Mayhem-Makers channel. Also give us your IRC Nickname(s). Teamspeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on TeamSpeak 3. ( To download TS3 click http://www.teamspeak...loads"HERE[/url] ): Do you have any clanning experience? If so, in which clans have you been before also explain why you left them. Destined Pures till 2006ish, closed. AAOv1219482390 (July '09-Oct '09) - Was the first clan I joined after coming back to RS, learned all the basics to modern warring and decided to move on to bigger things. The Last Pures (Oct '09- Mar '13) - Joined as member in October '09, was promoted through the ranks over time and eventually got leader at the end of 2010. I stepped down as an active rank in June of 2011 and still hung around for a while, but since coming to 07scape I began to notice that it isn't the same as when I left and I don't really feel "at home" anymore. Attending events is a requirement to get accepted, post pictures of events that you've attended AFTER YOU'VE APPED. Make sure there's a date on the screenshot so we can determine when it was. (If you need to know the times of the pk trips click http://www.mm-rs.org...85460"HERE[/url] ): Friday 3/22/13~ Saturday 3/23/13~ Sunday 3/24/13~ To be edited... Forum activity is very important and you are REQUIRED to check the forums at least once a week. If you fail to check the forum within 2 weeks you will be kicked, do you understand this? Absolutely. The Mayhem Makers have a set of rules which you will have to abide with. If you don't you will be kicked. Have you read our rules? I actually read the rules!
  13. Mith Gloves Vs Black Vambraces

    Dem vambraces.
  14. Watch Out For Bug

    ok thanks for the heads up