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  1. Back

    sup guys, miss my MM days :(... H3x got banned for ddosing worlds i believe, but he still around yoloboys ts.
  2. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    got like 0 kills.
  3. What Happened To This Guy?

    he scammed me for 30m
  4. Foe Spy Mission Complete

    mr migues i heard u skipping trip i found another new game to play lol
  5. Anyone From Ohio?

    h3x0rpure2 is, he lives around 15mins away from ohio
  6. Sorry Forum

    is that bgs even yours ?
  7. Sorry Maul

    i did
  8. Sorry Todd V2

    does todd even have a godsword or he borrowed? lets see.
  9. Foe Spy Mission Complete

    new ***
  10. Sorry Maul

  11. Searching For A New Game

  12. Sorry Forum

    nice untrimmed cape 75 attk = useless