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  1. Hate This Skill

    Not to mention you dont even need bait anymore
  2. 99

  3. So I Moved To England

    didnt you know the weather would be awful before you came, but it has been quite bad these past few days
  4. Le Dung

  5. Qbd Pet

  6. 600 Million Dollars

  7. 120 Hp

  8. Pc Desk

    just get one of these, they are far better
  9. Floor 58

    Even uutuus knows this, step it up riggz
  10. Adblock

    type the url into the white listed domains tab and it will put itself into the "add your own filter tab". The ABP icon should be grey if it white listed correctly
  11. 120 Magic

    your xp gains are amazing, im way to lazy to put up big numbers
  12. Mining :}

    lol 1 div
  13. Manchester People

    needs more tea and crumpets