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  1. Fi Salty As f**k

    Same s**t as last year, just Fi learned from their mistakes and went and recruited a JMOD to help them this time
  2. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    That is true it is 2014 if you don't know hwo to get a dynamic IP or even change your IP you are a downy
  3. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    Fixed now
  4. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    MM pride world wide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xbWxsYFjvc&feature=youtu.be
  5. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    r0fl ts was so ded. It would be quiet then a rank would be like "name" call. They would be like I'm dead. Then next person. "I'm dead" r0fl
  6. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    Your wish is my commant @henry
  7. Shoutout To [F]Am[I]Ly

    l3lies the ranks are so f*****g dumb
  8. Help!

    Probably should have posted this instead of the features...
  9. Help!

    So yes I am looking for a boxing day deal on a new laptop. So far I have found this lap top to be the best deal. Features: I am not a huge computer spec guy but I think this has some of the best features I want to use my new lap top for. I don't need it for gaming on the Laptop as I play CoD on console (inb4 pc master race posts) anyways my current lap top now is just too slow/old to be able to stream. Would these features from this laptop allow me to stream in decent quality? My main issue with current/old lap top is I think its only a dual core processor and isn't enough to have multiple programs running like OBS/Twitch/whatever else I would have open say browsers. Also if anyone else is in the same situation and is looking for boxing day deals please post as I am open to suggestions.
  10. Rip

    Not sure how many of you all know or care. But one of the members "Paul Bäumer" from Bingo Players passed away today from cancer . I had the chance to go see them a month or 2 ago but didn't feel like paying full price for the tickets as I missed out on early rate tickets. I am now thinking why didn't I go, now I won't ever get to see them. Anyone seen them live before? I wasn't a huge fan but did appreciate some of their songs.
  11. Feel for you. But hopefully your stress will decrease after you get all your assignments done and can enjoy Christmas.
  12. Hello Leaders Of The Pure Community

    LOL you can see his skills or in better words, LACK OF SKILLS on Chris Archie. Dial Up Danny you are just too funny ps. We are closed and I don't think its the type of, the game is dying so stop playing I think everyone just has moved on type of closed. pss. I do support you trying to make 07scape f2p if that's what part of your intro meant.
  13. Training Dilemma

    Best bet if you don't want to make money for 99range right now is train to 70att use a Sara Sword for 99str. AKA you don't need a dscim. But if you want to stay 60att you are s**t outta luck and will have to do range first if you don't want to train range away from MM tunnels
  14. This is why I live in But for real that really is f****d up. If something like that were to happen in NA it would be the headline of the news, dependent on other stories but it defiantly would be a headliner. Edit- forgot to say it may be a headline in the news in the UK I just didn't research or look it up. (Not trying to start a NA > UK flame war)
  15. Deep Sea Fishing

    Todd he basically said your mom is an ugly fish LOL