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  1. Buying P2P

    wanna check out the game please pm me if you wanna sell and post price thx
  2. Real F2P Servers

    is there any sign that there will be f2p servers for rs07 soon?? statement from jagex or something
  3. Pin

    itsa me ayte anyone can sell me p2p pin? i give like 2m i guess dnuno prices peace
  4. F2P Range Max Hit Without Pray

    ya im 90 aswell. guess ill go for 96 then thest. if not go on :D
  5. F2P Range Max Hit Without Pray

    stop guessing any oldschool f2ps on?
  6. F2P Range Max Hit Without Pray

    definitely not 92
  7. when do i hit 16s with addys without pray? googled, didnt find reliable source NOW I ASK YOU GUYS; YOURE RELIABLE hehehe
  8. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    just hit diamond on EUW server :) ranked will be pretty fun now, since i dont really aim for challenger/higher divisions, even though im pretty sure i could go higher if you want add me ingame, "icksdehhh" peace
  9. Selling Random s**t

    half key see you at mass friday
  10. Bank Sale!

    half keys
  11. Crisis Over

    hf getting sets back
  12. Doing Crafting Jobs

    bump this s**t, kinda done training combat stats for now, since i have perfect pking stats for cb 66 so i can help again now hehe, hit me up taking 50k fee for furies tho!
  13. Latest 07 Update

    good price imo
  14. Multi Logging Guide For Scouting

    i dont have this file. help? need to scout