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  1. TriHard

  2. oh

    1. Adam


      OH? wanna fite

  3. kk

  4. f**k you

  5. @Furious @Henry xoxo...yeah i guess you too @Danny

  6. Runescape

    by the way i was there and won btw imo etc tbh
  7. interesting talk on ts tonight...
  8. Updates to deadman/LMS sadly make pvp punishing, reddit is really going out of their way to create environments where pking is so difficult it's not worth doing 
  9. Hahaha, everyone that still played from that era has a horror story about that one. Good on yall for maintaining low independent averages, all other clans broke at this point. I'd argue the game is worth playing but everyone is 108 combat
  10. Nonono, the first mains, we were pures first cx
  11. Tlp Deathwatch Topic

    Sheesh man let me defend my honor
  12. It's Happening, We're reopening!

    Was a good run boys
  13.   we were easily the best in f2p both matched and wilderness in recent history.   and aao was quite good, too. Very respectable and managed a 1-20 cap when every other mpc didn't, i'll miss them
  14. just remembered i played GTA with Stinger once and it stunk

    1. Stinger


      lolwut who ru