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  1. King Sukis *"intro"*

  2. Horse Goes Neigh

  3. Sahdra's Intro

    YYOOOO BROOO, I was warlord in lascapll cc
  4. F2P Worlds

    Gonna stock on green dhides
  5. Question #6 On New Polls

    There will be diff pk worlds, not W2
  6. So Guess What?

    Bro u want a banana? Its a game, ur 19 don't cry
  7. So Guess What?

  8. So Guess What?

    u mad bro?
  9. So Guess What?

    who r u?
  10. So Guess What?

    TBH I saw allot of forum guest attending the trip, I got the world from a forum guest, who got the world from someone else. Its a game why cry about it? Nobody knows, but MM. Just like I attended their couldve been someone who's not a forum guest or a foe member with same cape and hat and then what would you have said? Randoms attended war? I attended the war, so what? I'm sure many other people did, they just didn't tell anyone. I posted it on forums cuz I didn't see anything bad with it. The point is we still had fun or did I ruin it? Did we win or did I make us lose? You didn't notice till I posted it.
  11. So Guess What?

    No offense, but are you really a homosexual?
  12. So Guess What?

    Randomly added someone, hopped to the world, and got lucky And still someone left their chat on
  13. So Guess What?

    iknow sister
  14. 200 Qp, Lunars, And Torso

  15. So Guess What?

    So yea, how do i start.. Today there was a far MM VS FOE and i was trying hard to attend this war, i have 155 returns sets, i was al geared up for this war, i pm'ed a couple of ranks to ask if i could attend, sadly enough they said no, cuz i wasn't an applicant.. So Somehow i attended the war unofficially, without being on TS3 ( i was on TS3 but they wouldnt move me), and without being in the cc. But i Enjoyed Killed some foe members.. Couldnt bother taking pics while warring , but i took some, before and after.. ***** WE MASSING, WATCH OUT! MM GET THE F IN! :P THAT MOMENT WHEN UR SOLO PKING AND U MEET MM! Lmao AND YEA, RANDOM, THOUGHT IT WAS NICE..